My Story

Cabalga was born from ancestors who are artisans, with roots that come from a culture and essence that is my life. I am Jocy Veldanez Moreno, Mexican and Michoacan at heart. I come from a family that represents the ranch life, horses and people of honor. My passion began with my grandparents, people with a love of horses, who trained and competed in all aspects of Mexican rodeos, from dancing horses to bull riding. My grandmother is a unique, strong and dedicated women. My parents, without a doubt my biggest influences, always instilled the ranch life in me, with it’s unique values, “HUMILITY DOES NOT KEEP YOU FROM BEING BRAVE,” was my father’s favorite saying, and my mother, is the bravest, toughest women I know with a unique sense of nobility.
I am a person with deep traditions inbedded in me thanks to my family and the legacy taught to me by my grandparents. In my young life I was taught hard work and struggle was a way of life, living on a ranch deep in Michoacan with my parents and siblings. It is one of the most notoriously dangerous places to live in Mexico, but to me it was home. Nothing scared me like moving to Mexico city in my teen years, but the toughness that was instilled in me taught me to hold my head up high. I went on to study Marketing in college, because I was taught to look for a solid career to support myself not a dream, but I was always passionate about fashion and design. Today I am ready to create products that will combine all this passionate history that I love and represent, my culture and unique experiences and of course, my love for horses!
Cabalga was created out of my own desire as a cowgirl who could never find unique and feminine alternatives in my western ranch world. I always loved the world of fashion and being creative when dressing up and felt I had a great flare for creating my own outfits and bringing things together. I didn’t see why I couldn’t combine my two worlds. I would like to bring my talents to women who identify with me, both as strong western women and elegant females. I feel the way we dress and accessorize tells something about us. It goes beyond just a look, it is an air of confidence, a message about who we are where we come from. I would like Cabalga to tell my story and transmit what I represent.
Inheritance is carried in our blood and reveals the way forward and my path is to be myself and embrace my culture until the end of time, always remembering that the heart of CABALGA was born of these traditions.

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